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Best Artist at the ABC Music Awards,

Best Male Vocalist (ABC Music Awards),

Broadcasters Choice ( ABC Music Awards),

APRA Songwriter of the Year,

and Best Instrumental Artist In Australia at the Music Oz Awards.


is a guitarist and singer songwriter with a well established reputation and following in Australia with more than 15 years of performance in both Australia and Europe.


A previous acclaimed album and recording deals in Australia under ABC and Universal Records and with numerous credits and awards to his name.

Born in Australia by two migrant parents, a German mother and Italian father, made Gian a juxtaposition from the start.


His love affair with music started very early in his life through his father’s world music record collection and mother’s obsession with gospel and soul all whilst growing up in the MTV generation of Michael Jackson and Prince, this eclectic mix of musical genres shaped Gian’s future musical direction and unique artistry that was to become.

Perhaps it has been his strikingly unusual combination of sound, style and appearance of soul fuelled pop vocals streaked with virtuosic spanish influenced guitar playing and exotic qualities and charisma that has made him stand out and share the stage with legendary artists Sheila E, Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Paul Pederson (Prince, The Corrs, George Benson), Ricky Pederson (John Mayer, George Benson), blues legend Eric Bibb and Academy Award winner Russell Crowe and Australian music legend Marcia Hines in their latest music video 'Remedy'.

Gian distinctive sound and style  has seen him play not only with other incredible artists but also given him his reputation as a live performer.

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